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Aarep (5)Between 29th July and 1st August, thirteen young clients from Ruse’s complex of social support gained a taste of fun and adventure in and around the village of Pisanets.

The village lies on the fringe of the Rusenski Lom natural park with eco-trails leading into virtual wilderness – a glorious natural playground for children.

Mitko, our nature-loving volunteer and camp photographer, led the excursions while the teenage experts in nonsense – Annie and Pipi – organized games, talent show and disco at base camp.

Thunder storms added to the excitement and tested the ingenuity of the EQ team when both the electricity and water supply failed.

David arrived on Wednesday to find the gang in high spirits. With Petya, Maria, Didi and Svetla on the job, who needs a man?

We’d like to express our gratitude to the proprietors of the Villa Slonchevo for their hospitality and the wonderful fruit from their garden.

Best regards to the family from Manchester who joined the audience for the talent contest.