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The concert took place on Friday 13th September. School starts again on the 15th after a long summer recess that we try to fill with fun, games and informal education for our young clients. It’s a tradition at the complex but we aim for variety and loads of new experiences. However, we like to end each summer with a concert for grown-ups. The kids always put a lot into this – they love to dress up and to perform and music is something that appeals to all age-groups.

And what a variety of music they produced! Rap , traditional dances, folk songs, beat-boxing and the list goes on – all performed with full-on commitment that was infectious and got members of the audience onto their feet to dance – mums and dads, grandparent, foster parents and employees of the complex. Great stuff!

Among the audience were youngsters form the Pink House, our small group home for children with disabilities. And, yes – they danced. And we have to thank Ven from Arena Media for controlling the sound and Annie and Pipi – our teenage comperes – for adding colour to the icing on the cake.

It seemed a bit of a shame to dismantle the decorations in our gymnasium. The grown-ups shared the anti-climax of sweeping up popcorn and clearing chairs while the kids dashed off with goody-bags filled with stuff for school thanks to Procredit Bank.

A great day!