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February was especially sunny for the children at the family-type homes for young adults with special needs. We celebrated two birthdays – Masha and Bobo.

On 01.02. 2020 we celebrated Masha’s 8th birthday and on February 17, 2020 – Bobo’s 8th birthday. The guests of the celebrations were, of course, the other children from the Permanent Care Center, mothers and infants from the Mother and Baby Unit and users of the Day Care Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities. Bobo’s parents were the most special guests as ever! At his feast, his aunts and the caring staff of United Children’s Services “Sunny” were also present. For Masha and Bobo, there were many, many gifts from Equilibrium Centre and Bobo’s relatives – toys and clothes, as well as supplies – delicious cakes, cakes and sweets.

Despite the severe injuries and diagnoses of the children at the Permanent Care Centre, the holidays were full of smiles and celebration, and they understood that they were taking part in something special with their faces were full of excitement and eyes full of delight..

The family-type home is an innovative integrated, social-health service for children who are extremely difficult to diagnose from birth and cannot be raised in a family environment because of the need for specific medical intervention and 24-hour medical care. Equilibrium is the only non-governmental organization in the country managing such a service, the other 7 are managed by municipal authorities. According to the Updated Action Plan of the Vision for Deinstitutionalization of Children in Bulgaria, another 20 similar centres are to be built in regional cities in the country.