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Equilibrium’s innovative formula for a charity campaign in the year of challenges, 2020 has been a success. From the sale of Christmas gifts of different value and for different purposes, BGN 1,703 was raised and used to buy warm jackets for children at risk, gifts from Santa Claus, specialized foods and medicines, materials for painting and crafts and others. We thank the people who chose to give their loved ones a mission voucher, through which they supported a child or family in a vulnerable situation. We believe that this gives a new, non-commercial look to one of the brightest and most family-oriented holidays – Christmas.

We also thank all the other benefactors who donated to the children and families we support and made their holidays more comfortable and happy:

On behalf of the children from the small-group home and those who attend Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration in the town of Byala, we truly thank the food provided by the company “Bratya Kyazimovi” for a monetary donation worth BGN 50 from “Ankra 2009” EOOD, for the monetary donation from Iskren Georgiev, for the painting by the mayor of Byala Municipality.

The children and young people in Ruse were supported by municipal councilors, young people from 12 b class (alumni 2019-2020), former graduates of the Secondary School of Tourism “Ivan P. Pavlov”, who donated a bicycle ergometer, dryer and voucher from Technopolis to value BGN 20 for the children from the “Pink House”. Mr. Alexander Neshev and Mr. Lyuboslav Mihov, who donated shoes and toys for the children from the Pink House and the integrated services – Slancho. The organization “My Childhood” provided the Pink House, Slancho. Love and Hope with art materials for activities of children and youth with disabilities, as well as pizzas for the Christmas partties at Love and Hope. Professor Smrikarov from Angel Kanchev University of Plovdiv donated 12 Christmas bags of sweets to the children and young people from the Pink House, and the Make Magic campaign. Give a book to a child ”and the National Network for Children, users of the social services  at centres for social support and street children, received gifts for Christmas and books to support their studies. We thank Ms. Antonia Doncheva, who lives in the UK, who periodically sends for the needs of young clients of the centre for social support, diapers and formula milk, and especially for the contents for almost 50 bags of treats. Thanks to Mrs. Svetla Hristova and her supporters, who provided 4 families in need of food for Christmas.