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Another school year is about to start and EQ’s summer programme has come to an end. The young participants devised their own finale that enabled them to share their memories of fun, adventure and personal achievement with an appreciative audience.

Combining words, music and dance –each to his own – they brought their summer experience to life and we shared their memories of the various clubs we offered and their time spent at camp on the Shoumen plateau.

The youngsters had created a wonderful decorative backdrop to their performance by putting together an exhibition of the things they had made during our workshops together with drawings and paintings depicting their summer highlights. They shared their new insights on being Young Europeans and the dancers among them performed the moves they’d mastered during sessions of the Music and Dance Club.


Parents and other guests roared with laughter when a group of young actors parodied popular soap operas following a script they had created themselves.

Children proved once again that they can learn,  grow and reveal their many talents when supported and encouraged.

We are now in the process of developing new clubs and activities that will take place during the school year. They will demonstrate our customary focus on learning through experience and encouraging children to explore their enthusiasms. Who knows what talents lie under the surface?