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20160909_181526The boys and girls from the two small-group homes became sea explorers for two weeks during summer camp in Tyulenovo.

The children discovered new sensations and experiences on the welcoming beach between Tyulenovo and Shabla.

The hot sand, the waves, the grass, the smell and taste of the salty water created a whole new world, full of new sensory stimuli, emotions, and challenges for the kids.

For one of the girls, who is blind, the sea, which she touched for the first time, was a great challenge. Although she couldn’t see, she was not afraid of the water’s touch. This incredible feeling made her roar with laughter, and she sprayed with water everyone around her. Some of the young people, of course, needed more time to overcome the fear of the hot sand and the touch of the waves. With lots of encouragement and patience, they made their first steps on the beach.

This summer Equilibrium provided many games, adventures and new experiences for the children we work with.

The seaside adventures in Tyulenovo were for two groups of kids from our centre for street children, one group of disabled children from the Pink house (who were at a rehabilitation camp in Pomorie, too), one group of youngsters from the family-type accommodation in Byala, which has been managed by Equilibrium since July, 2016. The children and young adults from the two small-group homes “Love” and “Hope” enjoyed not only the seaside but also the peace and calm of nature  in Lipnik Park near Ruse.

This was made possible with the hard work and devotion of the EQ team and the help of generous people from Ruse who support our charitable campaigns.

Thank you very much. We believe in your confidence that you are helping these children and young people to develop new abilities, you make them happy and independent and present them with new experiences.