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Christmas Gift – a charity Christmas campaign of the Equilibrium

 You can make Christmas for children and families at risk more beautiful and happier!

Choose a Christmas Gift for your relatives and friends!



How can you do this?


Decide which Christmas gifts you would like to buy on behalf of your relatives and friends. We will then send you an electronic voucher for each selected Christmas Gift. You can give it as a gift instead of a traditional Christmas present, explaining how the Christmas Gift chosen on their behalf will make the Christmas holidays and the lives of children at risk more fulfilling.


By choosing Christmas Gifts on behalf of your relatives and friends, you can directly help a child we care for in our residential services or a family at risk that we support. 


1. Christmas Gift “Bright and Sweet Christmas” – BGN 10

With this amount you buy Christmas cookies for a child or young person with a disability or without parental care from our Family-type homes.

2. Christmas gift “Creative Explosion” – BGN 25

With this amount you buy drawing and craft materials for a child at risk for 2 months.

3. Christmas gift “Ready for winter games” – BGN 40

With this amount you provide a warm winter jacket for a child at risk.

4. Christmas Gift “Letter to Santa Claus” – BGN 50

With this amount you provide a Christmas gift for a child at risk, chosen on the basis of his/her wishes and interests.

5. Christmas Gift “It’s winter – warm boots for every child” – BGN 60

With this amount you provide warm boots for the winter for a child at risk.

6. Christmas Gift “Be Healthy” – BGN 80

With this amount you support a child with the necessary vitamins, food supplements, immunosuppressants for 1 month, in order to prevent Covid 19 or for its treatment.

7. Christmas Gift “Give a hand to a family in crisis” – BGN 80

With this amount you support a family at risk by providing what they need most, personal protective equipment and disinfectants for 1 month. You provide a wood stove or 1 cubic meter of firewood for a family.

8. Christmas Gift “Food for the soul” – BGN 100

With this amount you buy 2 specialized enteral foods “Nutricomp Standard” for one of the children with severe disabilities, who need constant medical care at the centre “Sun”. These two boxes provide vital nutrition for growth and development for 2 weeks.

9. Christmas Gift “New Life is Born” – BGN 150

With this amount you support a family with a newborn baby with the most necessary items for the first month – baby cosmetics, diapers, formula, bottles and more.

10. Christmas Gift “Give a hand to a child at risk of learning from home” – BGN 300

With this amount you provide a digital device for a child for online training and work with social service professionals he uses.


We guarantee that your donation will be used in the most effective way to keep children and families together! You can always get feedback from us on what exactly your Christmas gift was used for.


Please place a request in Messages on our Facebook page CSSCF – Ruse with the following text:

I wish to buy the following Christmas Gifts:

(Indicate the number of Christmas gifts for which you want a voucher)

Your first and last names:

Your e-mail address to which to send the e-voucher.


Phones to contact us:

0884511385 – Galina Bisset, Manager of the association

0884716557 – Elena Petkova, Manager of the association


Transfer the total amount to the following account:

Equilibrium NGO

IBAN BG82UBBS88881000831826 BGN