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Youngsters from the centre for street children have been learning about the species of birds that inhabit the banks of the River Danube as part of a project dedicated to the sustainable development of the region.

The children studied bird behavior through binoculars and learned how different species flock together and fly in migratory groups that form different patterns.

The children also spent time in the natural history museum looking at exhibits that show the habitats of aquatic creatures.

On 25th March, the children were guests of the regional environmental inspectorate who explained the science of waste disposal and recycling – environmental protection and recovery of useable resources.

From their study of birds, the children have come to understand the place they occupy in the circle of life and the yard In the complex now contains a number of nesting boxes and food dispensers that the children helped install.

A longer excursion will entail a visit to the historical town of Svishtov and the park area adjacent to Belene. This will enable the children to understand how we work to preserve a sense of harmony – cultural heritage and natural environment.