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EQ was founded in 2004 and re-registered for public benefit in 2010. Licensed to provide social services since 2009.

Our mission:  working holistically to promote the physical and spiritual development of children, young people and their families; providing social support and educational rehabilitation to boost personal resources and build enthusiasm about the future.

Children can’t choose their parents, select the circumstances they’re born into or pre-plan the terms of their existence. When life is bad for mums and dads, it’s generally worse for their offspring. Children can’t choose not to be born disadvantaged through poverty, social exclusion, disability or learning difficulty. They’re stuck with it. EQ helps them make the best of things using those resources they have at their disposal.

Among the children and families that we work with there is a common characteristic – relationships between individuals and the world around them are out of kilter. It’s a question of striking a balance between human needs and aspirations and achievable goals – creating Equilibrium. 

Our vision: Resilient Families, Stronger Communities