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The children from the centre for street children (part of the complex for social services) made handcrafted goods. By selling them at the Easter charity market they raised 349lv. Activities were divided between 2 locations – Mall Ruse and the municipal market.  

The children were on-hand to sell their own crafts and their participation charmed a lot of people. They were very proud with their work throughout the month and explained to everyone that the money would help their summer camp and the traditional summer programme at the complex.

Traditionally, during the summer break, Equilibrium organizes a large selection of activities covering everything from social skills to sport, music and dance. Outdoor adventures combine with excursions to places of interest for youngsters. These clubs help the children learn a lot of interesting and important things – new skills; information about the sphere of adult professions. They discover new hobbies and meet grown-ups who are great role models.

This means that children who often see themselves as outsiders or failures start to understand their place in the world and discover ways to express their unique personalities and talents. This has a beneficial knock-on effect on their school work – their motivation and confidence increase.

The clubs also improve social skills and relationships with peers while also creating proud parents who feel that they are involved in doing stuff that is good for their children. 

This is how the more confident parents help their children to be more successful and at the same time this strengthens the community. This is the main mission of Equilibrium – “Resilient Families, Stronger Communities”.

We will keep saying “thank you” to all the people from Ruse who help us in this mission throughout the years and support all our endeavors. We hope that Easter was full with warm family moments, the closeness that everyone needs as well as love and security.