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Toni was born like a true gift between the days of Christmas and New Year. Her first two even three years went so fast for us. We didn`t notice any problems.

When she turned three years old, our little girl learned a lot of new words and she started making longer and more complex sentences. It was then that we noticed that Toni couldn`t pronounce words with the sounds „ш, ч, щ, ж“in them. She was growing up and learning, but she had speech problems. They got progressively worse.

When she became five, we heard of a special centre run by Equilibrium. When we visited the centre we discovered a friendly atmosphere. The people there were warm and welcoming.

A speech therapist has been working with Toni and she now speaks far more clearly.

I was worried that her problem would affect her writing too but I was wrong. Thanks to the hard work of the speech therapist Tony is now doing great in first grade at school.

The Equilibrium team helps our child to grow up with confidence and dignity. She’s calm.  I am grateful for that wonderful gift.