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From 20.06.2022 to 25.06.2022, Natalia, Kaloyan, Feidan and Sasho, accompanied by five staff members, were on a summer camp in the seaside village of Tyulenovo, Shabla municipality.

Times change, people, policies, wars are fought and hardly anyone feels certain about anything. But the kind villagers always make us feel welcome and the youngsters truly love being at the seaside. Feeling the sea waves splashing, Feidan smiled and parted with them with difficulty. Natalya, on the other hand, mastered swimming, showed the sea her strength. Sasho approached with uncertainty, but he felt a summer breeze, quickly dipped his feet and a smile lit up his face.

Kaloyan was also at first unsure, restless, gained courage, found his place on the coastal stone, felt confidence and the gentle sea breeze. In addition to the sea adventures, there were also walks in the village of Tyulenovo, the town of Shabla, at the lighthouse we enjoyed the beauty of Bolata beach and Cape Kaliakra – where we can still hear stories of the distant past, warriors and heroes. Impressed by the sights, suddenly a smile and gratitude warmed our souls thanks to the kind gesture of a woman from a shop, who gave the children and young people gifts – bracelets, a bracelet and a necklace with a moonstone heart. This is typical of the warmth and generosity we always experience in Tyulenevo and the surrounding area.