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 Analytical perspective

Can the voice of those who are vulnerable be captured so as to improve the community awareness of childcare practitioners and, over time, draw attention to issues that have regional or national significance?

We have devised and tested a user-friendly tool and, having seen the emergence of themes and patterns. We believe it shows promise. Practitioners and government agencies have responded favourably.

Professional awareness

Can listening to the personal stories of their clients impact meaningfully on the awareness of child-and-family service providers and lead to adjustment of work practices?

We think that we have shown that this can happen. Professionals tell us they’ve changed.

Personal wellbeing

Can sharing stories in safe and secure settings contribute to the wellbeing of the storytellers?

We believe that we have shown convincingly that it can. Storytellers feel part of something bigger than themselves. They are acknowledged, heard and they feel that they belong.


Does storytelling lead to a transformation in storytellers in terms of awareness of shared capability?

We witnessed the creation of group narratives and the desire to make something happen.