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The young adults from the Centre for Family-Type Accommodation in Byala, managed by Equilibrium, went to summer camp in the village of Kranevo.

They stayed there from 10.08 until 15.08.2019. The children were accompanied by the manager of the centre, Mr. Ivaylo Minkov. Some of the children have never been to the seaside before and the feeling of seeing and touching the sea for the first time in their lives was beyond description. The girls and boys made a lot of new friends. They all dug the deepest hole on the beachJ, since their purpose was to reach groundwater. When they finally did it, they were all very pleasantly surprised and learnt through their own experience that the earth hides surprises, which they didn’t know existed.

We left the seaside with sadness as the vacation seemed so short to the children. We made a promise that next year we will go there again. Equilibrium would like to thank everybody, who donated funds so we can provide the transportation of the group to the seaside.