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A water paradise for the children from the Pink House in Ruse

At the beginning of February 2019, representatives of one of the donor companies from the “Teddy bear” initiative – “Era”, visited the “Pink House” Family Based Center, run by “Equilibrium” and got to know the children. They helped to make contact with Mr. Rusev, the founder of the “Alexander Rusev” Foundation, which is dedicated to swimming. He also visited the Pink House, saw the children and committed himself on having them at the swimming pool of the Sorts School in Ruse, every week.

We’re already at the swimming lessons. Kiko is smiling and pleased.  Nellie could learn to swim with a little bit of help.

We thank Mr. Rusev and the company of “Era” for this unique opportunity for our children, which we have dreamed of and struggled since 2009. This was the year in which they were brought to us from the social home in Mogilino.