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A second Annual Information Conference of “Equilibrium” was held on the 22th of May 2018. It was dedicated to the services that the organization runs in Byala from the year 2016 – The Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and The Family Type Center for Children.

The main participants at the conference were the children of the Family Type Center. In her presentation “Inside Out”, the methodical manager of the two services, Nadezhda Petrova, talked about the efforts that we have made so that the children can feel at home in the Center. She also explained how we gain their trust and how we continue to learn lessons from them. The newest film of “Equilibrium” – “Flowers of Paradise”, devoted to the children and their families touched the hearts of everyone and the children themselves were genuinely excited about it.

The guests of the event – Mr. Dimov – Deputy Mayor of Byala Municipality; Violeta Yordanova – Head of the Child Protection Department; representatives of the police department, schools and kindergartens in Byala learned more about the successes and challenges of their colleagues at the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration. The stories were told through the successful cases of children with disabilities and their parents. The partnership with the parents was also the focus in the presentation of Gergana Nikolova, Head of CSRI, Byala. Ivaylo Minkov – Head of the Family Type Center for Children said a few touching words from his heart to the children and guests. The conference was led by Eilan Karamehmedova – a speech therapist at CSRI – Byala.

We would like to thank both teams for their efforts and the work they are doing to ensure that the two social services in Byala are perceived by the Municipality; the community and partner institutions. The collaboration between the above is a successful one and very good for the children in need.