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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe complex has established a track record of running fundraising bazaars at which we sell a wide variety of crafts and bits ‘n’ pieces producing by clients, personnel, volunteers and partners.

This time, we departed from our practice of hosting these events at the complex and went for a city-centre location. We are grateful to the proprietors of the Small Art Gallery on Borisova Street for permitting us to invade their exhibition space. Special thanks to Mr. Stefan Ganev, the custodian whose words of wisdom on childhood brought the day to a fitting end. Thanks also to Ven Mihov from Arena Media who manned the sound equipment throughout the day, and to the bakery ‘Pekarna BG’ who provided a cake for one of the casino games.

Staff members were joined by volunteers from the city’s university – students of special pedagogy selling artwork, a group from the school of textiles and design providing manicures and beauty therapy and selling a variety of hand-embroidered bags and tableware. A threesome of cute buskers from the music school succeeded in filling their hat with coins provided by passer-by many of whom were tempted to come inside and peruse the stalls.

It was fantastic that several of our foster carers brought the kids along. Galya was sure kept busy making candy-floss.

Tensions rose the closer we got to 6.30 because it was them that the winners of the tombola were announced and the person who came closest to guessing the weight of a beautiful cake got to take it home.

We expect to have raised something in excess of 900 leva which will go towards our direct work with vulnerable children. Brilliant!