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Under the Bold Volunteer banner, EQ provides resources to support young activists and philanthropists. We provide young people with the means to help those less fortunate than themselves and to help transform their neighbourhoods and schools.

Results as of October 2015

  • More than 120 students from Ruse schools have gained certificates by going through the 5 modules in our training programme for young social entrepreneurs.
  • “Europe by rail – May 9”: young volunteers created an entire event for young clients of the Ruse complex
  • Young volunteers designed and coordinated Easter holiday activities for clients of the centre for street children
  • Volunteers from the School of European Languages organized interactive sessions with younger children from their school and ran a charity fundraiser
  • “Workshops for happiness”, organized and coordinated  by students from the city’s English Language School in Ruse on the occasion of June 1, including a charity stall in the Park of Youth (that raised, 400 leva) and “The Magic Forest” – a magical event for young clients of Ruse complex.
  • Students from the English Language School raised 300 leva, to buy Braille equipment for a sight-impaired student
  • Two volunteers designed a project that won a competition organized by the US Embassy in Bulgaria that helped to provide Christmas gifts for theyoung clients of the complex and materials for a Xmas party.
  • “Give Hope” –  the hard rock concert featured 3 student bands and raised 300 leva from the sale of tickets. Over 100 youngsters attended the event and the funds raised provided materials for the clubs we run for the young clients of the centre for street children.

We have a long-term relationship with the School of Textiles, Fashion and Design who have participated in several charity bazaars with their own goods and they also produce our branded eco-bags.

We are grateful for the efforts of students from the drama club of the School of Catering and Tourism who have contributed to EQ events as animators.

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