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20151002_105259EQ mobile teams have been working in the neighbourhoods of Selemetya and Sredna Kula in the context of a project funded by the Trust for Social Achievement. The focus is on parenting practice but these celebrations brought together three generations to enjoy the fun and games.

The events were promoted and supported  by EQ but designed and staged by members of the two communities for the benefit of friends, neighbours but especially the children and the emphasis as on the enchanted world of fairy tales interpreted via a combination of song and story-telling by mothers, fathers and EQ team members who became actors for the day playing fairy princesses, bogeymen and big, bad wolves.

However, there was more to the events than theatrical thrills for the little ones. The EQ programme focused on parenting skills and early childhood development. Stories and songs are part of this of course, but some of the course participants were keen to share the “mother-and-child” diaries they had compiled – first smile, first tooth, starting to crawl, then walk.

The events were planned to help communicate the power of investing as a community in young children – dedicating time and energy to ensure their health and happiness. Healthy, happy children are a measure of the resilience of the community and a promise for the future.