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The children of „Equilibrium“experienced another summer camp adventure. Children from the Family Type Center for Children and Young People with Disabilities – the “Pink house” stayed at “Termal” hospital – a specialized facility for rehabilitation in the Golden Sands complex at the Black Sea coast.

There they enjoyed SPA procedures, water rehabilitation and the wonderful sea, sand and breeze.

At the Sea Adventure Camp in Tyulenovo, there were also several children from the community of “Equilibrium”, where they had some remarkable experiences. In the historical complex of “Ongula”, they played as ancient Bulgarians. Then they played as livestock farmers at a local farm. At the Art Festival in Tyulenovo, they transformed into one of the most creative and active artists. They experienced the sea, the mud baths and the mineral water, of which the area is rich and generous.

For another year, the young adults from the centers “Nadezhda” and “Love” stayed at the forest park of “Lipnik” in the village of Nikolovo.

Do you know what an adventure this is for all of them? The tranquility that nature gives them is marvelous. The walks in the fresh air and diverse everyday life are inexplicable. And do you know what a great challenge it is for all of us who take care of them? The days are filled with a great responsibility, but they are also so satisfying. When we see in their eyes the joy and the feeling of life filled with surprises, we feel blessed.

The NGO of “Equilibrium” would like to express its gratitude to the Municipality of Ruse, which provided the young boys and girls with the villa, free of charge.

Summer is gone but the summer emotions and the new experiences will warm the hearts of our children for a long time.