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When your mother is already a star in the sky

The Story of Slavi

Do you ever think about what happens to children when their mothers become stars in the sky? To tell you the truth, life seems to stop suddenly and nothing is the same.

I am Slavi and my mother is already a star in the sky. I have no idea how long it has been, but since she is gone, only bad things happen to me. That was until I came to the Pink House. I’ll tell you about it a little bit later.

After my mother was gone, my father tried to take care of me. But somehow he couldn`t manage to do such a good job. He didn`t know how to bathe me and how to change my diaper; he couldn`t cook at all. At home it was no longer so clean; there was not much to eat and in the evenings he was gathering with friends and I couldn`t sleep. The most difficult time was during the winter. It was cold at home and I didn`t have enough warm winter clothes and shoes. The result was not late. In February 2018, my father took me to the hospital. I had problems with my toes and something in my back hurt. The doctors had to remove a few of my toes, because they were frozen. They really hurt me, but I couldn`t tell the doctors, because I can`t talk. My buttock also ached and fortunately the doctors understood that and began to treat me. I felt better. My father was with me at the hospital the whole time and he didn`t leave me even for a moment. The doctors, however, decided that my father would find it hard to take care of me and called out some people who were taking care of children like me. Quickly I found myself in the Pink House.

The Pink House is a very interesting place. Other children like me live there. Some of them are even worse. I was very scared. I didn`t know anyone and didn`t know how long I would stay in this house. I wanted to be with my Dad, but he couldn`t stay with me. I was sad.

There were good things going on in this house. I was no longer alone. The ladies who are taking care of the children there are my new mothers. I didn`t know that besides mummy, there are other women who can take care of you. No, it’s not the same, but I feel good.

I couldn`t walk when they took me to the Pink House from the hospital (but before I could). They put me in a wheelchair, but I gradually started to stand up and managed to take a couple of steps with the help of the nice ladies. That was at the time being, but now you see me when I go to school or walk – I could just run. The ladies of the Pink House say that “I already look like a man”. I don`t know what that means, but I’m a man. Maybe it is because I can do different things and because I look different. I grew up, I got bigger strength in my legs and I can eat by myself. Sometimes I do not behave so well. There is not much to say – I just want to play with Krasi, but he immediately starts screaming. I give him a toy and he shouts – I do not understand. I already know I should not touch him because he does not like it.

At first I thought that in the Pink House it would be very difficult without my Dad, but I got used to it. I really like it. I am always clean and tide. I have no wounds – the ladies at the house healed them. I have a lot of toys. I go to school and to a day care center. It’s not boring in the house at all. Some of the other children also do mischiefs. Sometimes the ladies are angry with them but also they are happy and they enjoy it – it is a strange thing.

I hear when the adults speak and that they are glad we can open our own doors and get our clothes out of the wardrobe. Nina and Stancho can even open the refrigerator by themselves – that is nice because it means that we learned new skills. But that could be dangerous, so the ladies at the house have to be very careful and that is why they are constantly looking after us.

That’s how we live in the Pink House. My Dad comes every week to see me. I’m very glad. Except that, no one comes for the other children. I hope that it is not so hard for them. Recently, I had an incredible experience. With Nina and Stancho we visited a great strange house, it was a circus. Never before did I know that there was such a thing. It was the best circus, the Balkanski circus. It was great. Stefan and I were so excited. Now I know I like to go to the circus.

At summer time, we go to the sea. Before I lived in the Pink House, I had never seen the sea. I had never seen so much water. I like the sea. It is incredible to be able to roll in the sand without people screaming at you, to splash into the sea.

I forgot to tell you that here we celebrate our birthdays with the most wonderful parties. There are many treats, gifts and always a great cake. There are lots of songs and dancing – we have lots of fun.

The ladies at the house say that I am their lucky charm, because I am like a gift to them. I arrived here on the 1st of March. By that time I was greeted with a “martenitsa” for health.

You may have already figured out what happens to the different children when their mothers are already stars in the sky and their dads are unable to take care of them. Sometimes I think if there was someone to help my dad; to teach him how to take care of me; to have a job which would allow him to take me to school and home after classes; to have enough money for paying the bills, for food and for clothes, then we might be fine. But it was difficult for my dad before the Pink House. Now he can go to work and be useful, while they take care of me at the Pink House. Now I feel my dad is more relaxed, seeing that I feel good.

And the Pink House is really pink; do not think that the name is fiction.