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Community Action

  • Since 1 July 2009 EQ has managed the complex of social services in Ruse in partnership with the Open Society Club – Ruse
  • In 2010-2011 in partnership with the British organisation ‘Hope and Homes for Children’, EQ closed the institution for babies in Teteven and developed community-based  services for children and their families
  • Out experts have participated in the process of deinstitutionalisation and reform of the child protection systems in Central and Eastern Europe since the beginning – there is no match to the width and breadth of their practical experience.
  • EQ is a member of the National Network  for Children and the DI Coalition ‘Childhood 2025’
  • EQ experts support the national projects for deinstitutionalisation of children 0-3 (‘Direction: family’), children with disability (‘Childhood for All’) and development of foster care (’I have a family too’).
  • EQ participates in working groups, forums, analysis and other platforms for improving policy and practice that impact on the quality of life of the children in Bulgaria, with focus on children at risk.
  • EQ explores approaches to helping the children and their families in the most marginalised communities.
  • EQ works for the interpretation of the wealth of rare trees in Ruse – informational eco-path ‘The forest in the city’. Together with the children we support, we maintain several herb gardens in the city, teach the children about the medicinal properties of herbs and develop their entrepreneurial skill.

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