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Nature and adventure

Our summer adventure camp is our trademark!

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Equilibrium’s main ambition is to break the barriers that separate:

  • School and Community
  • Children from adventurous engagement with the natural world

The learning experience should include:

  • Participation in civic society
  • Exploration of the natural world

This helps children cope with an overload of information that is politicized, globalized or modularized / formulaically interpreted.

Problems with didactic teaching:

  • Kids aren’t learning life skills
  • Kids are deprived of adventure & a personal quest… Continue reading

P1110669We have discovered that deprival of contact with nature can be a contributory factor to learning difficulty or something that exacerbates other problems.

However, we prefer to turn things around and say that engagement with the natural world can help alleviate problems with learning.

We work in the great outdoors whenever we can. 

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  • Building igloos
you_tube you_tube
  • Non-formal education modules ‘Exploring the World of Trees’

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Doug ScottThe world famous mountaineer Doug Scott visits Bulgaria in the context of EQ’s project

‘I want to talk about resourcefulness, imagination….being self-reliant and taking risks….doing things spontaneously.’

(Doug Scott CBE – explaining the motivation behind his lectures in support of Equilibrium)

EQ identifies Adventure as a learning mechanism. Adventure involves the quest for natural meaning and depth of understanding.

This great mountaineer lent his considerable stature to our project ‘Green Schooling as an Alternative to the Summer… Continue reading