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Our summer adventure camp is our trademark!

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Equilibrium’s main ambition is to break the barriers that separate:

  • School and Community
  • Children from adventurous engagement with the natural world

The learning experience should include:

  • Participation in civic society
  • Exploration of the natural world

This helps children cope with an overload of information that is politicized, globalized or modularized / formulaically interpreted.

Problems with didactic teaching:

  • Kids aren’t learning life skills
  • Kids are deprived of adventure & a personal quest for discovery

Adventure deprivation leads to:

  • A lack of initiative
  • The substitution of superficial confidence based on occupational / social status for deep, inner self-knowledge
  • Limited self-awareness / individualism
  • Poor decision-making, problem-solving & risk assessment

 Kids are deprived of adventure because:

  • We try too hard to protect them
  • Education is geared towards the capacity / convenience of the educator & not the character / capability of the student