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On February 15th and 16th, 2018, the Center for Children’s Rights, managed by “Equilibrium”, held a training course for social and educational professionals on “Family Group Conference – A Successful Practice in Restorative Justice for Children and Adolescents in Conflict with the law “.

The training seminar aimed to familiarize the participants with the main models and practices of child restraint, the nature and the way of holding a Family Group Conference. The training was targeted at a variety of specialists (police, social services, education, etc.) who can support the creation of a local family group conference model to support their work with young offenders.

Family conferences are a successful approach and practice in many countries that shows effective results to prevent a repeat offense.

The seminar is part of the development of the team of the Center for Children’s Rights in Ruse, as well as of professionals from other services and institutions working with children with unlawful behavior. The Center in Ruse, run by “Equilibrium”, is one of four pilots across the country that applaud new practices related to dealing with, or at risk of, children with antisocial behavior, with a strong emphasis on preventing this problematic behavior.

The centers are under the project of the National Children’s Network, with the financial support of the Velux Foundation.