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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn Friday, February 10th, 2012 the personnel at the complex and several friends of EQ, set up a fundraising bazaar at the complex working on the principle of 50% of takings for the trader and 50% for the complex.

Needless to say, several people generously gave a larger proportion if not all of their takings to support EQ’s mission.

Those visiting belonged to the city’s social welfare, educational and business communities and they had a fairly extraordinary range of art and crafts, food and drink, music, sports, therapies and fun activities to keep them amused thus proving the versatility of both the EQ team and of our closest collaborators – Ognian Balkandjiev (ink drawings of Chinese dragons), Iliya Devedjiev (jewelry from rope and seashells), Mathei Matheev (mainly paintings and home produced honey and thanks to Mrs Matheeva for her home baking), Martin Marinov (drumming and martial arts) and the team at Arena Media (a selection of DVDs).

The offerings from the EQ team included massage, a range of health and wellness therapies, aromatherapy, a wide variety of crafts and knitwear, photographic portraits, wine, freshly squeezed fruit juice, pastries, cakes and beverages, a tombola and guessing games and some pre-Valentine advice to the fairer sex from two ‘therapists’ with very dubious credentials.

As well as raising over 600 leva for the complex it was a fun day for everyone involved. We’ll definitely do it again.