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For the first time since the opening of the family-type accommodation centre designed for children and young people with disabilities in need of constant medical care, children took part in a summer camp in Tyulenovo.

Equilibrium has been running this complex integrated health and social service since 2016. We place great emphasis on ensuring that children who are admitted with poor prognosis and severe illnesses and disabilities receive the best quality of care so as to increase their chances of life. The excursion to the seaside, happening for the first time this year, is another step in this direction. The decision was not easy, but it took account of all the medical indicators of the children and was consistent with their therapy regimes. A team of highly dedicated employees, headed by Dr. Hristova and the director of the service, Milena Nedelcheva, took up the challenge and accompanies several children from “Slancho” to the Black Sea. The children were given solar and water procedures, which had a very good effect on their general condition. The sun, water and sand changed the children beyond recognition and the team was extremely happy to monitor these changes. An excursion to Cape Kaliakra was also held. All the children feel wonderful after their return to Ruse, and the other children in the centre, who did not join the venture, were treated with sea water brought from Tjulenevo. We are proud of the success of this venture, which gives us courage to explore ways of improving the lives of these children for these children and do the best we can.