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For another year, Equilibrium provided an opportunity to improve the life skills of a group of young men and women from the “Nadezhda” (Hope) and “Lyubov” (Love) services for residential care for persons with mental disabilities. Usually, it took place at the beginning of September on the Northern Black Sea coast in the village of Tyulenovo. Rainy days during the first half of our stay did not dampen our spirits. We organized competitive games, musical evenings and walks along the beautiful coast of Tyulenovo.

On September 3 and 4, the tenth anniversary edition of the Kite Festival was held in Shabla. An exciting and memorable experience for all of us!

The following days the weather was favorable and the sea friendly.

The young people happily collected shells and crabs on the sandy beach, caressed by the sun’s rays and the smiles did not leave their faces.

On September 8, we said goodbye to the sea and we are already hoping to enjoy it again next year. Wait for us, sea! Until then, we will carry you in our hearts!