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Children from the German High School in Ruse with a charitable donation for children at risk

Students from “Friedrich Schiller” German Language School, Ruse initiated a charity campaign to raise clothes and other items for children their age, who are in a more vulnerable social position. From 19th to 26th of April, the students collected and sorted preserved clothes and items to donate for the children, with which the Social Services Complex in Ruse works. The complex has been managed by “Equilibrium” for years.

This is not the first initiative of students from the German High School which supports children at risk. The students organize a charity every Christmas, in order to prepare gifts for their peers, whose families are unable to provide for them.

The goodwill and enthusiasm that German Alumni show are a wonderful example to all others and prove that today’s children also bear values ​​like empathy, sympathy and understanding as well as the desire to help someone in need. This act is a great example of social responsibility and a will to be active.