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10527490_555128524609432_6838454355529154022_nAs you know, Equilibrium cares for 12 children and young adults who have significant disabilities.

A seaside holiday provided access to a whole new world, full of new sensationsl, challenges and emotions. The venue was Tjulenevo on Bulgaria’s NE coastline.

Split into two groups, the youngsters spent an unforgettable week at the seaside accompanied by their carers and members of the Bisset family – Galya, David and daughter, Annie who is a seasoned volunteer.

The base is owned and provided free of charge by EQ members and, although private, it has been designed to provide comfort and security for groups of children with special needs.

What was on offer during the week? A constant breeze carrying the distinctive tang of the sea; afternoon shade in front of the bungalow where the noise of the surf and seabirds continues throughout the day; access to the sandy beach and splashing sessions in the sea; bats slitting and swooping at dusk; fun and games at the new playground in the village and a visit the green educational centre in Shabla.

The youngsters had the opportunity to explore numerous unfamiliar sensations in the company of vigilant carers who shared the excitement and offered reassurance when things got a little challenging.

Close to the bungalow is a sheltered, shallow bay where to water is always crystal clear and calm providing an opportunity to splash around and to learn to float with buoyancy aids. There were lots of things to sea on or under the surface – the sun reflecting, tiny fish darting around, crabs and fronds of seaweed.

Providing challenge in a secure setting builds confidence, reveals competencies and develops learning through exploration and play.

Some of the older youngsters who came to us from the Mogilino home had previous experience of the seaside but more recent arrivals at the Pink House had, until this year, been deprived of access to the natural world.

This new experience also entailed contact with holidaying families who wholeheartedly shared the fun and added to the joyous experience.