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2634This year the celebration marking the closure of the summer programme at the complex was held in a small circle, namely the kids from the CSC, their parents and the facilitators of the workshops.

The atmosphere was joyful and hearty, and smiles shone on everybody’s faces. Besides the exhibition, which consisted of real masterpieces, made by the children, the “products of labour” of the other workshops were presented – books with cheerful characters, rap songs, funny pots of flowers, special tableaux about child rights and responsibilities. These, in the shape of a dolphin and a butterfly, contain the rights and responsibilities that the children think are the most important. Each child read what she / he had written in front of the parents.

Each of the participants told their favourite memory from the summer – the camp at the seaside, the favourite workshop, the lunch in the restaurant, and the walks in the park. The children demonstrated moves from yoga and martial arts, mastered during the summer. They shared their knowledge about health and the environment. They sang the songs, rehearsed many times, accompanied on a keyboard.

The talented boys and girls and their facilitators exchanged certificates, manufactured by them, for participation in the summer programme.

The aim of the event was for the parents to re-discover their kids’ strengths and to realise how happy and talented they are when they are supported and encouraged. Both the kids and the parents were convinced that every effort is worth it, and the results make them proud and successful.

 Absolutely naturally the event ended with dancing and treats, followed by the distribution of school materials provided by friends and supporters of Equilibrium.