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Coalition “Childhood 2025”, is a group comprising civil society organizations and  networks, representing more than 150 NGOs from all over the country and others who work in the field of deinstitutionalization DI). The goal that unites us is pursuit of a  guarantee that DI will continue to be sustained regardless of political changes with its main priorities intact, namely – the development of individual community-based care for each child on a basis that takes full account of his / her personal  rights. Coalition members are representatives of a broad variety of organizations – service providers, donors, advocacates, advisors, researchers, parent groups and lobbyists. Many of the new services that are now operational are managerd and staffed by organizations that are members of the Coalition. Over the past few years we have participated in working groups with all ministries involved in the DI process.

Successful completion of DI does not merely involve closure of all residential institutions or ensuring that they are no longer needed. Rather, it entails establishing a working network of support services for families and well-developed methods of alternative care in a family environment to be used in those rare cases when the family cannot care for the child. In our opinion, the main focus of the DI process should be to support the family and provide every child with the opportunity to grow up in a family environment. Substitute family services should be considered only as a temporary measure.

At present, the process of deinstitutionalization has reached a critical stage involving the preparation and transfer of many children from homes for children with disabilities (24), and  infant homes (30) to the new services. This is a key point which requires unity and synchronized efforts of all institutions and civil society and the implementation of a coherent reformist approach so as to avoid causing harm to any child during the transition period through inaction or delay of the action. To achieve its goals the Coalition works with all stakeholders – government bodies, regional and municipal administrations, the media, international donors, the European Commission and others.

Members: Bulgarian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (BAPID), Bulgarian Centre for Not-for-Profit Law, For Our Children Foundation, Lumos, The  Know-how Centre for Alternative Childcare,  Association for Pedagogical and Social Assistance for Children,  FICE – Bulgaria, Hope and Homes for Children – Bulgaria, Cedar Foundation , SOS Children’s Villages – Bulgaria , De-Pasarel –Bulgaria , Karin dom Doundation. International Social Service-Bulgaria, National Network for Children,, Bulgarian Association of Clinical Psychologists, Harlan Alexandrov, Valentina Simeonova, Tulip Foundation, Equilibrium.