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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEquilibrium believes in the power of networking. It is a way in which human and material resources can be accessed and brought together in different combinations to make big things happen.

As an organization, EQ has the capability of working creatively with its partners to provide facilities, vehicles, equipment, media coverage, professional expertise and enthusiasm in support of teenage initiatives.

Our work with teenagers has revealed a common source of discontent – youth club activity at school or in the community is all too often oriented towards preparation for public performance of the grooming of champions meaning that Average Joe or Josephine ends up excluded and disenchanted.

Could EQ succeed in putting its networking capability and organisational resources to good use by supporting the initiatives of teenagers? We focused on two areas – the Music Academy supports teenagers who want to perform or engage artistically with the public while the Creativity Centre helps teenage entrepreneurs and activists to get their ideas off the ground.

A key component of this initiative is the integration of young clients of the social services complex into community based initiatives while encouraging students from the city’s schools to both run their own projects and support the fundraising and club activity at the complex.

To encourage students to act autonomously and to work productively in coherent teams, a team from the complex provided workshops on the subjects of project design and fundraising .to students drawn from the city’s schools of European Languages, Fashion and Design and Tourism and Catering. Additionally, under a separate project organized by the local education authority, David taught members of class 9B of the European Language School aspects of marketing, public relations, communication and event organization.

Here is a summary of our efforts that started in January 2012 and continued to the end of the school year in June.

Music Academy

  • 23rd January: Max Club – The professional reggae band, NRG-D and talented musicians from the Academy of Music supported young performers drawn from a number of Rouse schools who also met young activists from Razgrad and Vidin. Those young visitors joined David to take part in adult workshops run at the complex on January 24th. David and Elena facilitated.
  • 2nd May: Regional History Museum: David and Elitsa joined the group from the European Language School and provided a mixed programme of music, visual presentations and dance to an audience of parents, teachers and friends. Outside the museum, a very talented young artist painted a giant graffiti on transportable panels. The event was called ‘NOISE”.
  • 19th June: Max Club: NOISE 2 – The group from the European Language School joined forces with members of teenage rock bands Iron Rain and Division One and Annie and Maria (music school) to perform to an audience of parents and friends. David and Elitsa facilitated.


Inspired by the EQ workshops –

  • Teenagers from the European Language Schools have run a number of ventures for younger children at their school
  • Teenage volunteers supported our Easter event for younger children
  • Students compiled a programme and led games and activities for younger children on European Day – 9th May, 2012
  • A team from the School of Fashion and Design has been supporting our fundraising efforts by manufacturing the new EQ eco-bag and helping to make beach jewellery.