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1130 lv. was collected from EQ’s Christmas bazaars in December 2012.

EQ has a tradition of running Christmas bazaars and this year our efforts were supported by the city’s municipal authority that provided a stall in its ‘Christmas Village’ and the management of Ruse Mall that allowed our team to ‘set up shop’ in the downstairs foyer.

Our policy is to sell handmade Christmas cards, decorations and other bits and pieces and this entails gargantuan effort from staff, clients and friends of the Ruse complex.

1130 lv. is the sum we raised this year using a campaign message that expressed our organisational belief that all children should enjoy Christmas as members of a loving family and not languishing in residential care.

On average, the complex works with 220-230 case every year and we have developed a reputation for our ‘can do’ approach to working with vulnerable families and the straightforward and practical way in which we target resources to plug gaps in the social welfare system and help parents eke out meagre household budgets and to prioritise the needs of their children. Our fundraising is targeted at this area of work in which we help families build on their strengths, overcome crisis and – eventually –prosper.

We are grateful to all townspeople in Ruse, friends and partners for supporting our efforts and cause!