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On 14th September, 2018 Equilibrium’s first Early Childhood Centre celebrated its first birthday – a successful year in which roughly 140 families have visited us from different cities in Bulgaria and overseas. Many sent us greetings and presents on the occasion.

The day was dedicated to our most devoted fans – families that have become friends with us and among themselves. The culmination of the birthday party was the kiddie disco. Everyone had the chance to find themselves on the gigantic photo collage prepared especially for the occasion. The presents we received are a wonderful addition to our range of playthings.

The candle on the beautiful cake was lit at 11.00 and there was more than enough for everybody to taste. We provided a second cake for the young adults from the services we manage.

It was a celebration of childhood and community and the wonderful ways in which they both go together. The hours spent in laughter and play created unforgettable memories for all of us.