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Early Childhood

Equilibrium believes that quality early care and education is crucial for children’s development into independent and competent adults. Having created in 2017 the first Early Childhood Development Resources Centre in Ruse in support of parents, educators and social workers, we have initiated the modernization of nursery and pre-school education in Bulgaria through our recent project: Reform of Early Childhood Education in Eastern Europe – Bulgaria.

Implementation period: January, 2019 to December, 2021

Source of funding: Villum Foundation, Denmark

We are…


Equilibium’s Family Centre (FC) in Rousse is an interactive family centre operating “in the world of early childhood” created for the benefit of families, pedagogues and social workers. The centre is the result of the project: Parenting Creatively – Creation of Bulgaria’s first Early Childhood Resource Centre (Serving Families + Educators + Childcare Professionals)

This evaluation aims to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the benefit to users that comes from contact with the FC? Do the…


On 14th September, 2018 Equilibrium’s first Early Childhood Centre celebrated its first birthday – a successful year in which roughly 140 families have visited us from different cities in Bulgaria and overseas. Many sent us greetings and presents on the occasion.

The day was dedicated to our most devoted fans – families that have become friends with us and among themselves. The culmination of the birthday party was the kiddie disco. Everyone had the chance to find themselves on…


On 29th and 30th May, an assortment of 11 professionals came together at Equilibrium’s early years’ centre in Ruse to hear workshop leader, David Bisset, explain how “it takes great discipline to be as undisciplined” as he is.

It was his way of explaining how he deliberately makes himself do things that children do naturally but adults tend to disregard. By doing this he improves his own professional performance as a person responsible for learning and development within…