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In August 2021, Ruse Municipality launched the Project “Integrated Measures for Social and Educational Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups on the territory of Ruse Municipality” in partnership with Equalibrium Association, Kindergartens, University Hospital, Center Dynamics Association, Association “Development of Social Capital” and others. The project develops the so-called soft measures complementary to the functioning of the first component of the development of new social housi in the municipality of Ruse.

Equilibrium is a long-established local organization that has been working for 17 years in vulnerable communities meaning that they are well known and accepted by families. This project builds the activities over the years of education, labour engagement, further develops the strengths of vulnerable groups and promotes their integration.


Within the project, specialists from Equalibrium will undertake the following activities:


Ø Moblilization of economically inactive persons

The purpose of the activity is to mobilize vulnerable groups on the territory of the municipality and to integrate them into the labour market, incl. Inactive and discouraged persons and young people up to 29 years (25 parents) who are neither employed nor undertaking education and are not registered in the SBT and the unemployed persons through individual and group application of instruments and services to attract and motivate them to register in the DBT and promote their inclusion in training and employment.


Ø Return to education of young mothers who have dropped out of school

The activity is aimed at helping 10 young mothers from those housed in social housing threatened by poverty and social exclusion due to early maternity and dropping out of school, between 15 and 29 years of age, to return to school and improve their level of education so as to improve their status as tenants.


Ø Organization of events initiated by representatives of vulnerable groups in the Community and from social housing to achieve a positive change in public attitudes towards the problems of the most vulnerable groups from deprived neighbourhoods

The purpose of the activity is to promote and present the strengths and positive examples from representatives of vulnerable communities. With social housing, in Svelemetya and in Sredna Kula, 3 focus groups will take place and these will lead to representatives of vulnerable groups contributing to 3 public events that present them in a positive light.


Ø Complex assessment of the needs of social housing / children / families

The purpose of this activity is to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the housing needs of the new tenants covering several key areas of well-being. The complex assessment will be made on the basis of indicators developed by experts and will take place in 6 households as well of creation of a scale for measuring change. The assessment will be undertaken twice – at the beginning and end of the project. Initial assessments will help identify the different target groups on different activities. The second round of assessments at the end of the project will achieve two objectives: 1) showing the impact of the actions applied – the results of the work of all specialists of  Equilibrium” in individual activities; 2) showing in what directions the future activities should be developed – contributing to the formation of municipal policies. The results will be summarized in a final analysis that will also include recommendations for future policies.