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In the context of the project “Integrated Approach of the Municipality of Ruse for Integration of Roma and Other Vulnerable Groups on the Territory of Municipalities from Ruse District”, as a partner of Ruse municipality in the project implementation, Equilibrium conducted an advanced training for 22 pedagogues from the kindergartens “Snejanka” and “Chervenata shapchica”.

The training focused on topics important to the pedagogues, e.g. establishing a positive care /learning environment for the children in kindergartens that encourages development and autonomy and reflects the individuality of each child. The trainers Elena Petkova and Stefka Peteva presented in an interactive way Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and techniques for successful learning which are interesting for the children. There was a special focus on play as a natural way in which children develop and discover the world at an early age (3 – 7). The teachers shared their experience in working with little children, as well as the challenges that they face, working in the kindergarten educational system in the country.

Since the beginning of 2018 Equilibrium is a licensed training provider for the pedagogical staff with three programmes, approved by the Ministry of Education. The training in April was the second one, conducted under the municipal project.