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1EQ took over management of two family-type homes for young adults with disabilities earlier this year meaning that our team has increased in size to almost 70 people.

The entire gang came together for lunch, fun and games on Friday, 10th July at the Ovcharska Luka complex outside of Ruse. Newer members of the team joined the “veterans” to share a light-hearted look at EQ past, present and future.

Galya and Elena led to games after David thanked the team for the energy and inspiration they provide to someone who is still coming to terms with being a grandfather. (Grandson, Georgi, joined the group with his mum and dad later in the day.)


The focus was very much on the themes of childhood and family and the contribution made by EQ personnel to the lives of children in Ruse and throughout Bulgaria. Indeed, we were joined by Tzvetan  Dimitrov, EQ partner and friend from the Teteven region.


This was an event without presentations and awards – EQ is an organization without superstars. There are teams within teams and many leaders. This was an event without the statement of mission. Teams and leaders know what they are doing and have their own reasons for doing it many of which were expressed during the day. We had come together to celebrate being together – all with roles to play in the support we provide to children and families. .