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Today we live in turbulent times – for many difficult and traumatic.

However, a few women from Equilibrium’s social service continued to work despite significant personal risk.

Thanks to Plamena, Svetla Kuncheva, Ganka, Gergana and Sevim. Many thanks!

After three children from the Pink House tested positive for covid-19 and several staff members succumbed several women showed true courage, conscientiousness and loyalty, and remained in their jobs despite their age, the risk and severity of care.

The children who tested positive were isolated in the emergency placement unit at the social services complex. Plamena and Svetla Kuncheva stayed with them for 14 days of quarantine providing constant care. Ganka, Gergana and Sevim did the same for the other twelve children left at the Pink House under similar quarantine conditions.

It is difficult to find the appropriate words to express our gratitude.

Everyone now has negative test results and a semblance of reality has returned. All this would not have been possible without the organisational skills and dedication of Svetla Mejri – director of the complex for social services to which the Pink house is liniked.

Equilibrium expresses its admiration and gratitude to our entire team (social workers, care assistants, nurses, psychologists, therapists, hygienists, drivers, maintenance, managers, accountants), people who do not stop working at the front line, to help children and families who need support now more than ever, despite the risks and difficult working conditions.

Thank you all. You are all heroes!