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Two municipalities – Ruse and Byala- nominated Equilibrium in a newly-established competition devised by the State Agency for Child Protection “I guarantee a happy childhood”.

The programme is designed to acknowledge  our contributions to the protection of children’s rights. The organization was awarded the first national prize for its work in the field of early childhood in the city of Ruse and received recognition for the achievements with children from the family-type accommodation in the town of Byala opened three years ago after the closure of local institutions.

Equiplibrum manages 12 services for children and families in the Ruse district and employs 135 people.. The award shows recognition for their day-by-day contribution to the well-being of children and parents. It acknowledges the dedication and loyalty that define our incredible team and change the fates of children.

We are grateful for our close partnerships with the municipal authorities in Ruse and Byala and the recognition they have for the work we do.