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On 12.10.2023 at a special ceremony “Equilibrium” won the third prize from the NGO portal for the most read article in 2022, namely the article about the opening of the innovative playground in the “Brothers Grimm” kindergarten in Sofia. The playground was designed by Equilibrium in cooperation with Via College – , Aaarhus, Denmark. We initiated the modernization of Bulgarian early childhood education “Reform of Early Childhood Education in Eastern Europe – Bulgaria”. Two kindergartens – “Snezhanka” – Ruse and… Continue reading

On February 28, 2023, Equilibrium received recognition for its efforts to support children even in the most   testing situations – the award “Ambassador of Good” 2022 from the State Agency for Child Protection.

This is the fourth consecutive year the award has been presented and 12 Ambassadors of Good – individuals and organizations – were honoured.

Five hearts beat as one for the return of a little girl from Ukraine to her homeland. Ambassadors, government institutions… Continue reading

On the eve of Christmas, Equilibrium instituted the Temple of Play Award. The first was presented at an impromptu celebration to United Sunshine Children’s Services for creating a beautiful sensory room for children with disabilities and a sensory garden that have transformed the spaces in the services and will bring many positive emotions to the children, and help with their sensory stimulation. The sensory room was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Lions Clubs in Ruse and the… Continue reading

The ten-year effort of the Equilibrium team to provide home comfort, human warmth and learning and development opportunities for the children of Mogilino was appreciated by the State Agency of Child Protection, which awarded the Special Person of the Year Award to Nadezhda Petrova – long-time manager , a psychologist and mentor at The Pink House (Awards “I guaranee a Happy Childhood”, 2019). The difficulties, the quests, the experiences, the successes in caring for children and young people with… Continue reading

The Award

On its 10th birthday, November 15, 2019, the National Foster Care Association (NFCA) awarded foster parents, organizations, social workers, physicians, school, investors and journalists for their contributions to foster care. In the category “Children’s organization” Equilibrium received a special award “Child Saviour”. Mrs. Eva Zhecheva spoke about Equilibrium’s contribution to deinstitutionalization and work with children and families at risk. The excitement and tears of the leaders of “Mother dear” and those attending the event proved that foster carers… Continue reading

On June 13, 2019, at the International Conference of the National Alliance for Social Responsibility, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of its inception, Equilibrium received an award for its contribution to social work and a long-standing partnership with the Alliance.

The award was received by Equilibrium CEO Galia Bisset at the official gala evening of the forum.



Two municipalities – Ruse and Byala- nominated Equilibrium in a newly-established competition devised by the State Agency for Child Protection “I guarantee a happy childhood”.

The programme is designed to acknowledge  our contributions to the protection of children’s rights. The organization was awarded the first national prize for its work in the field of early childhood in the city of Ruse and received recognition for the achievements with children from the family-type accommodation in the town of Byala opened… Continue reading

At the international conference for “Social Economy as an Effective Model for Social Inclusion” in the “Golden Sands” resort, “Equilibrium” received an award for its effective fundraising model from the National Alliance for Social Responsibility.

The prestigious annual awards for good practice in the field of social services are given every year for contributions from municipalities, suppliers or personal merit.

“Equilibrium” was nominated by Ruse Municipality in 2018 for the added value it brings to the quality of social services… Continue reading

gramota bilkiDuring 2015, the agricultural university in Plovdiv hosted an event organized by Information and Nature. EQis committed to nature conservancy and sustainable development and participation in the Plovdiv event enabled us to lend our weight to a campaign for the sustainable cultivation and use of herbs in Bulgaria.

As readers are aware, our young clients help us grow, pick and package herbs that we sell as part of our fundraising effort. Our produce was on sale at the event beneath… Continue reading