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bgs_humen1Two more groups of children ‘visited’ Brussels by means of participating in the workshop ‘Institutions and Organisations of the European Union’.

In April 2008 a group of children from ‘Traiko Simeonov’ school in Shumen met with the unforgettable tour leader – Bai Ganyo.

In May 2008 young people from ‘Vazrazhdane’ school in Ruse marked the Day of Europe – 9 May, with new knowledge about the EU and the practicalities of crossing borders, planning a journey throughout the vast Europeland and communicating successfully among those with different cultural habits, expectations and values.

After the event, Nikolinka from Shumen ‘feels charged with positive energy and peace. Somehow different…’

Ailya from Shumen liked most ‘the team spirit of Equilibrium, the atmosphere that they created during the training which united everyone’. She has realized that ‘you spend your life learning.’

Martin from Shumen found most interesting ‘all the games and interaction within the EQ team and their stories about the world’.

Aisel from Shumen will miss ‘David’s jokes and the smile on the faces of the other EQ members’.

Zhivko from Shumen shared that ‘if we learn in this way at school everything will be easy-peasy.’