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Dear donors, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the noble gesture to us, for the attention and empathy, for the fate in children and young people with disabilities in the Center of a Family-Type Accommodation for Children and Youth with Disabilities “Pink House”. With the ergometer they will be able to improve their motor development and strengthen their general physical condition, and witg the dryer, which has a large capacity and many functions, their clothes will always be suitable for use and disinfected by the high temperature during operation.

The donation was provided by the young people from 12b class (class 2019/2020), former graduates of PG in tourism “Ivan P. Pavlov”, who donated half of their cash prize from the competition for digital product #ACTHUMAN. It was announced in the third year of operation of the project “Acceptance and Change”, implemented by Caritas Ruse, with a leading partner, the Municipality of Turin, under the DEAR (Development education and awareness raising) program of the European Commission.

The whole team of NGO “Equilibrium” and the Pink House express their great admiration for this act, and it is even more valuable because it is made by children for children with special needs. What could be better than to see that in a difficult moment, not only for us, but for all people, someone gives you a hand. Because the world does not end with Covid, but it is time for humanity, kindness, hope and love to join hands. You did it!

Thank you, we appreciate your kindness and we will not forget it!!!