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The playgroup for children and parents organized by Equilibrium for some years now in the Roma neighbourhood of Selemetya becomes more and more popular and attracts more and more people from the community.

Over 20 children and their parents take active part in the playgroup twice a month. Guided by the  Equilibrium team, children and parents learn, sing, play and create new reality in the neighbourhood. The age range for children is 0 – 11 years.

The mothers created sensory blankets for their babies using everyday materials they found in their homes and came to understand how important the tactile and sensory stimulations are for children in their early years. They put a lot of effort in the session about the important role of the sense of belonging and identity for the children and made wonderful family trees together with their children.

With songs, artwork, treats and constant challenges the children learn Bulgarian and prepare for kindergarten and school. Their parents are encouraged to positively encourage and motivate their children. The transformation is obvious and very inspiring for the people from the community, as well as for the EQ team.

The children and their parents look forward to every new meeting; they prepare for it and come prouder as parents and the children – more curious and eager for something new and interesting.

The play and “the doing of things” which are the main methods used by our experts have a transforming role for everybody – something that we from Equilibrium have proven from over 13 years of practice.