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EQ does not operate a payroll and our overheads are low.

The dolphin is a banner that allows a consortium of childcare professionals to dedicate time and effort to a shared mission. Those who are not founding members were invited to join and this has led to the creation of a highly cohesive, productive and happy team.

This has given us certain advantages:

  • Our growth has been closely managed and our mission has never been compromised
  • Our engagement with regional childcare issues and the surrounding community has been broad ranged and multifaceted
  • We have remained highly accessible – at liberty to provide technical support to other organizations and free to respond to overtures
  • Time and resources have been exclusively dedicated to developing a solid, effective approach to working with children and families

The EQ team is multi-skilled and a pioneering force in the realms of education design and child welfare. Our experts have been engaged in childcare reform in SEE since its inception and this gives them a range and depth of practical experience that is hard to come by in the locale.