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adminThe Christmas fundraising campaign for 2015 illustrates both the scale and the depth of our local support. Without this support we would be a very different organisation and we would lack the impact that we currently have. Our supporters help us sustain our motivation and help shape our commitment to children and families.

We are proud of the relationships we have with local schools and, most especially, the ways in which groups of students design and carry out their own initiatives in support of EQ. We applaud their imagination and commitment that ensure their efforts extend beyond the normal boundaries of volunteerism and go in the direction of entrepreneurship.

We receive significant support from the city’s artistic community and cultural organizations whose members use their commitment to our work as a spur to self-expression. They help us celebrate childhood and help us put our messages across in exciting new ways.

Past and present clients, foster parents and adoptive parents have not only built a mutual support network, they use their relationships to give something back to EQ. They act as our champions.

Local businesses, clubs and political organizations support us in myriad ways and we have working relationships with a diverse range of organizations.

We have strong media support that has enabled us to build a public profile as an organisation people trust. They provide transparency and help us deliver messages that are clear and direct.

EQ employees, their families and friends represent an ocean of talent that is broad and deep.

We are blessed and we are truly grateful. Thank you all.