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Funding:  from fundraising campaigns of Equilibrium

Role of the organization: leading partner, working together with the Municipality of Ruse – Department  of Education, Regional Inspectorate of Education and SOS Children’s Villages – Bulgaria ( Veliko Tarnovo)

Expected results:

  1. To determine the understanding of parents and professionals working with preschool children concerning the nature and forms of aggression and aggressive responses in young children and their causes
  2. To test innovative methods for improving the interaction among parents, teachers and children to counteract aggression among preschool children including training in kindergartens in Ruse and the interactive workshop – “The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood as Friends” for children and parents
  3. To promote the adoption of good practice that will impact positively on families and childcare professionals
  4. Publication and distribution of a guide to positive parenting (sometimes called positive discipline) – a style of parental guidance that resists the temptation to be punitive in any way

Specific objectives: Increased public awareness of the issue of childhood aggression, Support to young parents that helps them guide their children without punishing; Work with families  and professionals from two kindergartens in Ruse Municipality.

The work in Ruse will involve  implementing and expanding a model successfully piloted in Veliko Tarnevo by SOS Children’s Villages.

Results to date: Conducted a survey among 100 educational professionals in six kindergartens in the city on identifying violence and its impact on children; Prepared and presented a summary analysis of the information collected under the survey; Training of specialists from 2 Kindergartens – “Rusalka” and  “Pinocchio”; conducted training for parents of children from the two kindergartens; Conducted interactive workshops with children and presented results in the context of final events in the kindergartens with the participation of children, parents and teachers; held two public  information events presenting the goals of the campaign and the results so far.

For project results, see our annual report