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This was how the American couple who were adopting “B” announced his departure from the special facility where Equilibrium had provided around-the-clock care.

A long journey was about to take place but the couple had prepared meticulously. His new sister, the couple’s own daughter is waiting for him at the family home and another sibling is on the way.

“B” is one of four children who were transferred into the new facility managed by Equilibrium after the closure of the old residential institution 3 years ago. At the time, he was 2 years old and his condition was pitiful. He ate through a nasal tube but he looked like a skeleton and his skin was virtually transparent. It was felt that he was unlikely to survive long and we were being asked to provide palliative care.

Advised by nutritional experts we changed the method of feeding and an American consultant advised frequent sessions of close cheek-to-cheek contact to help him hold onto life although she was skeptical about his chances.

Susceptible to infections, “B” was often transferred to hospital and – on who occasion when we sensed he was slipping away, we asked a priest to bless him despite his non-Christian origin. In the words of the priest – |”We are all children of God.”

With the right mix of nutrients, constant hugging, stories and songs, “B” gained 2 kilos over 8 months. His hair grew, his cheeks brightened and he grew more animated.

Then the American couple came into “B’s” life and they have experience of caring for a child with similar disabilities. He will now receive love and warmth within a family.

Our separation from the little lad was both sad and joyful. We’ll miss him but look forward to receiving the first photos from the States. “B” has a home.