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DSC08959On Saturday, a meeting was held at the Ruse complex open to all those with a sincere interest in adoption

Our special guests were representatives of the Bulgarian Association of Adopted Children and Adopters and Ms. Kristina Georgieva – Director of the Regional Directorate ofSocial Assistance in Ruse.

Gerry Bogdanova and Dora Prangadzhiyska of BAOO told their stories about adoption that deeply moved all participants in the meeting. The pair created the parent group “Friends support” that travels around Bulgaria to meet other adoptive parents and children who have been adopted Two such meetings will take place during the summer  in Gabrovo and Bourgas, and, in early September, Ruse will host an event. The purpose of all meetings of the organization is to change public attitudes with a focus on children and to provide space for discussion of the subject of adoption. Experts from the complex shared their experience and best practices in dealing with prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents. Preparation and training is undertaken with a focus on the best interests of the children.

DSC08951Participants also discussed other important topics related to adoption including the contentious issue of “secret adoption” that contravenes the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Article 21). The child has the inalienable right to know his / her true origins. The tendency towards secrecy was condemned by all who took part.

Representatives of BAOO presented and gave the audience the book “To adopt a child is happiness!” – A collection in support of parents, adopt a child.

The meeting was attended by many people from Ruse, Razgrad and the surrounding region who are interested in the topic of adoption.

The team from the complex has started to plan the September information event that will operate on the principle of open doors.